Holliston Foundation March Madness Fundraiser

march 2.png
Last March, with your help, The Holliston Foundation raised over $1,000 to fund scholarships given to those in need and making an impact in the local Pasadena community! So we’re back!.png

Instructions to enter:

**Log in to your ESPN account or create one if you’re new!
1.  Visit http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2018/en/

2.  Click on the "Groups" tab

3.  Enter "Holliston Foundation" in the search bar under All Groups and select our group

4.  Click “Create Bracket Now”

5.  Enter the group password "community" to join!

Please contact Joe Kim (jykim82@gmail.com) or Kevin Song (ikevinsong@gmail.com) with any questions.