The Holliston Foundation serves as the trustee for gifts and endowments made to the Holliston United Methodist Church.  Monies entrusted to The Holliston Foundation are used to further the purpose of the church throughout the Pasadena community. 

The Holliston Foundation uses its funds to give assistance to:

  • The promotion and development of religious, charitable and educational activities;
  • The aid of the old and indigent;
  • The education of youth;
  • Aiding the programs and activities of the United Methodist Church; and
  • Preserving the historic buildings on the campus of the Holliston United Methodist Church.

Among its specific activities, The Holliston Foundation has contributed to scholarships for local students, supported area non-profit organizations and charities that serve the homeless population and provide food for families in need, sponsored leadership development opportunities for youth, and assisted families facing financial difficulties.  The Holliston Foundation funds do not go towards the operating expenses of the Holliston United Methodist Church. 


Recent Holliston Foundation gifts have, among several activities, been used to:

  • Sponsor scholarships for nursing students at Pasadena City College;
  • Sponsor leadership development opportunities for area youth;
  • Provide financial support for local seminary students;
  • Provide support for local missions projects;
  • Assist local non-profit organizations serving homeless families in the San Gabriel Valley; and
  • Provide support to local food pantries.

Moving Forward

In addition to continuing its longstanding activities, The Holliston Foundation is increasing its reach in the local Pasadena community by building stronger relationships with local city officials, schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations. The Holliston Foundation is assisting local students in their pursuit of higher education by providing access to additional scholarship opportunities and hosting programs to educate families on access to higher education.